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Adventure, learning a language, new friends, new culture, development of personality, self-sufficiency…

…you can get these and more other things if you have a go and spend a few months or a year abroad.

The aupair_hungary in the past 9 years has ensured, organised, followed up this big adventure for hundreds of young people..


My name is Anett Nemes, I am the manager of the agency.

When the company was started, I used my own experiences: I spent a year as an au pair in Germany when I was 19, where I looked after a 9 months old little girl. This period gave me so deep experiences that I feed from them even today. It was an amazing feeling when my name was the first thing she said in her life, when she took the first steps with me. Her mother became one of my best friends, I could talk to her about almost anything. I still cook meals I learned to cook there, I still use the recipe book, which was a gift. I was a real member of the family.

I was 25 when I spent half a year in the USA, it was also a lasting experience. Unfortunaly, not a positive one. I decided to go alone, without an agency and I regretted it. The family did not keep the rules, I was excluded and I was put onto the street from one day to the other. I had nowhere to go. You need an agency to stand behind you, so something like that will not happen.

Az aupair_hungary not just helps the young ones to go to another country, but also helps them all the time while they are there. We talk to them, we give them advise, we listen, we are here when they need us.

If you know for sure that you want to have a go and have the biggest adventure of your life or you just consider it, get in touch with us! You will not regret it.