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Au-pair Hungary Kft. was founded in January 2007. Over the past 10 years we have become a prosperous agency with extensive experience and expended our work in over 13 countries in Europe and also in teh United States and China. We have helped around 2000, young adults to find a family abroad, live in an other country, learn languages, take care of children, see the world and earn some money as an au pair.

The au pair progam is a world wide cultural exchange program where candidates have the chance to improve their language skills, get to know the culture and habits of a new country and make friends.

Au pair is a special type of a babysitter, who is living with a host family, taking care of their children and helping with the housework in exchange for board, lodging and pocket money.

Au-pair Hungary Kft. does not just help the candidates to go to another country, but also helps them during their full-time stay. We keep contact, we give advice, we listen, we are here when they need us.

My name is Anett Nemes, I am the director of the agency.

Launching the company, I used all my previous experiences: I spent a year as an au pair in Germany when I was 19, where I looked after a 9 month-old little girl. All the experiences gained during that time are still with me every day. It was an amazing feeling when my name was the first thing she said in her life, when she took her first steps with me. Her mother became one of my best friends, I could talk to her about almost anything. I still cook meals I learned to cook there, I still use the recipe book, which was a gift from her. I felt like a member of the family.

I was 25 when I spent half a year in the USA, which was also a lasting but bitter experience. I decided to go alone, without an agency behind my back and I regretted it. The family did not treat me fairly, I was excluded and I was put onto the street unexpectedly and without any explanation. I had nowhere to go. Learning from this experience I can say that you need an agency to stand behind you, so that this could never happen to you.

Now, as the mother of a 2-year-old baby boy I deeply understand what both families and au pairs are looking for.

My name is Viktória Kovács, I am the office manager of the agency.

I have been working with Au-pair Hungary Kft. since 2013. I studied at Széchenyi István Univesity in Győr. First I got a degree in international studies, later in international economics. After graduation I was looking for a job, where I can cope with people and use my language skills (English and German). Working with Au-pair Hungary Kft. is both challenging and joyful. I can not wait to help you, too!

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